Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thing a Day 21: Cream Puffs!

We had guests coming for dinner tonight, and I asked my husband what he'd like for desserts. "Hmmmm...cream puffs with whipped cream!" 

He thought he was joking. Heh. 

Cream puffs he wants, cream puffs he shall have! I was REALLY happy with how these turned out! I scooped them out with a mini ice cream scoop, and they all had perfect little "popcorn" exteriors. Love it! (I didn't have any whipped cream, so I made some chocolate pudding from scratch. My son, Siu Jeun, was a FAN. It kept him quiet for nearly half an hour so I could help my friend pin together her latest quilting endeavor for quilting. *grin* The resulting mess was SO worth it, and nothing a soak in the tub couldn't fix!)

Today's Thing a Day is brought to you by Preschoolers Who Watch Cartoons, and Toddlers Who FINALLY Take a Good Nap, and by the letter C. For Cream Puff. 


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

So, trade. I'll tell you how I (very slightly) alter my sheet cake from PW's, and you give us the cream puff recipe. Deal?

In the dry ingredients, I add 1 teaspoon of salt, rather than 1/4 t. I concur that letting the cocoa bubble a minute is good for the flavor. When she says "heaping tablespoons of cocoa," she means *so heaping big that the tablespoon turned into a 2 story apartment building, then add a sprinkle more.* And like I said before, use good cocoa. Among the grocery store brands, I prefer Saco Premium Cocoa, because it's partly Dutched. Hershey is awful, and generic shouldn't even be allowed to be classified as "chocolate."

I have never used pecans in my frosting. I also hold back on teh milk amount, so it requires less sugar, therefore is more chocolately. Is best eaten warm, with vanilla ice cream, and just as good cold for breakfast.


Su said...

Ohhhh, tremendous cream puff craving.... grrr :)