Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thing a Day 7: A Bubble Bunny

Well, that's what they called it anyhow...because it's a bunny, made of a bubble. (Come on...just squint a little. See it now? Squint just a bit harder..and tilt your head...there! You do see it now, don't you?! Just say yes.)

I suppose I should make the creases a bit crisper, so that the folds were, umm...crisp. Heh. Oh well - it's cute, and it has just been presented to my daughter, to "watch her fall asleep." Considering that I tucked her into bed 20 minutes ago, and she'd already come creeping down the hall three times to peek...well, I haven't seen her since I gave her the Bunny Guardian. Good enough for me!

PS - I'm really sorry for the lighting on these posts. I've been doing my crafting at night, just after the kids are tucked in...and Natural Light is rather scarce after 8 pm. Forgive me!

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