Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thing a Day 24: Itteh Bitteh Quilted Thingeh

Ok, so the title of the post isn't great, but! I finished a teeny tiny quilt! 

You might recognize the patches - they're left over from a baby quilt I made last week with some friends. (What do you do with left over quilting patches? The Wonky Nine Patch pattern makes patches in multiples of nine. In this case, I made 27. The quilt only needed 23. WWYD?)

I was seized with the notion, yesterday afternoon, to throw some of the extra patches together into a tiny quilt. Voila! A few straight seams, 30 blissful minutes meandering around the quilt in free motion mode....I straight stitched the binding on this morning, and then finished hand sewing the binding at a friend's house during our weekly Crafty Playdate. 

As I worked on my tiny masterpiece, a few ladies asked me What is it? Umm...hrm. That's a good question! I intended it to be a wall hanging for a friend's nursery (she admired the original quilt and said it would match her own nursery. *Ssshhhhhh* It's a surprise!) However, I could see how this might make a nice little doll quilt. Or even a small pad to protect your table from drippy, hot dishes at dinner time! 

I guess it's just an Itteh Bitteh Quilted Thingeh after all. Heh. 

(The finished Quilted Object is approximately 14 inches square. The blue patches are a repurposed, thrifted bed sheet. The Wonky Nine Patch pattern is based on a tutorial from Oh, Fransson!. The tutorial can be found here. The Wonky Nine Patches are made from 9 fat quarters. The binding is IKEA Unbleached Cotton, and cut on the bias. This project was the perfect size to use up some bias binding I had already made up. I will NOT be making bias binding again any time least, not until I start making round quilts! The bias was made as "continuous binding", which means that the binding was NOT a straight line. Ugh. Wish I had thought that one through before I used up all my favorite binding fabric making continuous bias binding!)


Simone said...

Ikea unbleached cotton. Brilliant. I might finish my quilt after all. (If she doesn't like dinosaurs, I'll just keep it for myself)

Su said...

14 inches is indeed itteh bitteh.
It would make a very nice wall hanging.

Myrnie said...

Have I told you how I feel about the tangerine and the fuschia together? It's good.

Alison said...

I would love to learn to quilt on day....until then I will gaze wantingly at your work. It is beautiful

LeeAnn said...

How adorable is that??? Very nice and sooooo teeny. Good job!