Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thing a Day 27: Choco Chip Muffins

I'm reeeeeeaaaally sorry about this yucky picture...but this is what I made today!! My husband spent the first hour of the day shoveling snow while the two littles and I made these muffins. I spent my morning at a baptism service (with my preschooler daughter in tow) and we all spent our afternoon running errands and avoiding the house we've been cooped up in all week. The last hour of the day was spent clearing away all the evidence of a week spent at home...and these muffins are what ya get today. *grin*

I wish I could at least say they were tasty...but they came out tough. *sigh* Anyone have a great muffin recipe?? I do so love a good muffin.....

Here's something to make you feel better, though - I found my pictures of BBJ in her Chinese New Year get up!!  Since CNY was on a Sunday this year (and Valentine's Day!) I thought it was appropriate that she wear this pink outfit to church. (Yes, she wore pants...sorry. It's formal wear in China, even if it does look like really fancy pajamas here.....besides, she's three. It was cute!)


Alison said...

oh I just love the fancy is a great color for her

LeeAnn said...

The little outfit is very pretty!