Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thing a Day 6: Flannelgram!

Tonight, after I had put the kids in bed, I wandered (rushed?) up to the newly prepped craft room and tried to figure out what my fingers wanted to make today. See, I was introduced to the concept of Twilight "fan fiction" yesterday, and...well, one called "Waning Moon" kind of snatched up all my free moments. *grin* I wanted to make my thing...and get back to reading my story! (What can I say - it was well written!)

Seeing as how I had set up the whole room...and forgotten to actually move a chair up there yet, breaking out the sewing machine was kind of out of the question. My eyes landed on my bag of felt, and I remembered a vague idea I'd had the day before to come up with some more felt shapes for a flannel board I scooped up at Goodwill. A few snips, and a Sharpie, later...and I had some shapes, all labelled up and ready to drill my daughter and her classmates the next time I teach Joy School! 


PS - Thanks for the advice yesterday on how to get my Stash in order!! 

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